The Revenly Platform

Simplifying payments and reconciliation

Powering today's most innovative collection agencies

83 %

of customers prefer to pay bills online using various devices

77 %

of delinquent accounts made a partial or full payment when contacted by text

73 %

of customers in late delinquency made a payment when contacted through digital channels

58 %

of delinquent accounts made a partial or full payment when contacted by email

Complete with low cost payment processing and the option for convenience fees!

The freedom of everything needed to adapt and grow in today’s experience driven economy 

The traditional consumer experience is broken — high costs of management, rigid infrastructure, and a lack of innovation.

Revenly gives you a multi-channel, consumer-facing platform with unmatched scalability that delivers an easy to use experience at lightning speeds.

Instead of worrying about how to keep up with today’s fast-changing landscape, we provide you with the platform that does it all for you.

Built for speed and simplicity
  • Automate everything from payments to communication.Configurable rules by state, creditor, and channel with our ‘Point-Click-Deploy’ framework.


  • Customize the entire user experience. Add your own company logo, colors and domain name in under 5 minutes with our fully white-label solution.


  • Add, update, and manage with zero downtime. You and the consumer see positive change happen in real time across the entire platform.
Be ready for tomorrow, today

Today’s consumer demands an integrated, seamless experience regardless of the channel. Our approach to success has helped clients stay ahead by delivering consumer preferences in real time. We continuously improve performance so you can grow your business, instead of worrying about catching up.