Revenly's No-Cost-To-Biller Convenience & Service Fee Payment Solution

A compliant way to bill at no cost. 

Accounts receivables operations are increasingly looking for ways to cut costs that are compliant and efficient. As part of Revenly’s payment platform solution, we offer a compliant, effective, and cost cancelling convenience and service fee service that allows your company to accept card and ACH payments without without incurring transaction costs. We call it our No-Cost-To-Biller service and we’ve been offering it from Day 1. 

Dynamic Convenience Fees and Service Fees 

In order to be compliant these services have to be dynamic. Revenly’s No-Cost-To-Biller model offers the industries most dynamic platform yet. 

Choose where you want to apply the fee on a state-by-state, client-by-client, and portfolio-by-portfolio basis all in one interface. 

We routinely keep you updated on card regulations and policies as well as state policies so that you are informed when making the decision to use No-Cost-To-Biller. You can activate and deactivate it at anytime for any reason. It’s always ready. 


It’s already preconfigured to handle AutoPayments, scheduled payments, and one-time – so you don’t shoulder the cost of processing fees.