Compliance & Security

Our commitment to compliance & security

Revenly is Software as a Service. We are dedicated to speed, reliability and meeting compliance requirements across highly regulated markets. Your platform can be deployed in hours, not months. Revenly maintains the performance and monitors risks around the clock to keep your business secure while increasing your collection efforts, autonomously, 24/7. No more servers, no more downloads, no more updates that require high overhead – all within a secure and compliant environment. 

You may not think about it, but we do. 

Consumer-facing, enterprise software, in a highly financial regulated market. You don't just deserve your own space, you need it.
Revenly Single Tenant vs Multi Tenant
Single-tenant: The penthouse view

Single tenant infrastructure is your own, secure, database. No one is sharing resources with yours. That means it can also be customized too. You aren’t relying on others and don’t need to worry about data leaks across instances because they are 100% independent. This is truly your own and with the cost of cloud infrastructure going down with scale, so does cost. This makes it as affordable as multi-tenant infrastructure but much more secure. Every Revenly client is on a single tenant infrastructure build and there is no second best. 

Multi-tenant: Sharing your room with everyone

Would you rather share a room with multiple people you don’t know or have a penthouse view? Most cloud based software is multi-tenancy because its cheaper to run. When you see a website with a long URL that shares a name with another company that’s most likely multi-tenancy. This means there is another company sharing the same code and same database – your info is stored in the same place as someone else’s it’s just invisible. If there is problem with one instance, there is usually a problem with them all.




Payment software should be PCI compliant, no matter the industry. 

Our clients are in all verticals of the collection space, including medical. 

Best practices, policy, data security. Check, check and check